Sunday, November 4, 2007

Doctors, Prescription drugs

Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem

"Doctors, no good doctors to be found. Can't trust those 'furin' ones. Can't understand what they would be telling me if there is something wrong. Gotta go all the way, clean across the country to Rochester to see a good doctor."

It may not be the doctors' fault regardless if they may be foreign or domestic. Many of them are afraid of getting sued to circuit court for malpractice.

Prescription drugs. I have heard somewhere that they don't really work. Many of contain too many side effects. I was told by a church friend of mine that most of these drugs are manufactured both in China and in India. Many people I know are having to have to take them daily from now on. I don't take them and I feel fine. They take them and they feel bad. Something is fishy here. And most doctors these days are pill pushers. Spend a day of your life in America and this is about all you will hear. "I'm sick and I can't seem to get better." I went to see my doctor today and....." "My wife has got a virus and now I've got it." These phrases are not coming from elderly people, but from the middle-aged and from some of the young adults. Toys from China that contain lead paint, making children sick. A whole society of people forever taking prescription drugs throughout their lives. This friend of mine believes we should pray for the country when it comes to health issues. This writer plans to do so.

I guess that's all for now.

Narrated by Aisha: "I never saw anybody suffering so much sickness as Allah's Apostle." Vol. 7, Book 70, Patients, Hadith 549 (Shahi Bukhari)

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