Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Bismillah Arrahman Arraheeem Allah Hu Akbar al-Qahhar al-Azim

My friend from my college days is having a birthday. He is a much older guy now. No, I won't be at the party. He lives further away from me and my job inhibits me from going to his party. I am a little concerned about him. He sits by his computer and writes numerous articles a day. Sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. Basically, it about paleontology and mythological stories from different cultures from around the world and post them on Yahoo!. I don't believe he has a job. He has more time on his hands. He lives with his brother in a very small town. He does not have a car to drive. He probably no longer knows how. He is trying to be an established writer. He runs his friends off, because any time I see him, he wants to make copies of his stories at Kinkos or at another copy store taking away a lot of time.

I do consider him as a friend, but I wonder if I am considered as a friend by him. I had a birthday in August. It was people I know from church who gave me a surprise party. Did friends outside of church wish me a happy birthday. No. Only if I told them that I am having a birthday. Nobody from family wished me a happy birthday. You can't imagine how this feels.

Well, I wish my friend a happy birthday through e-mail and Yahoo! It is about the only thing I can do. People in these days have become so cold.

I close for now.


Azooz said...

Eid Mabrook :)

Green is a random color, no religious meaning in Islam - but it became standard and sticked - pink would be best if my young neices had to chose.

At about 60, most of my father's friends turn hermits to some extent, some now only leave home for prayers. They do not like to be with people as much, but we bother them anyway - especialy if they have no family. Like it or not, in Eid they get dozens of young visitors.

Like most 45+ olds in my country, I do not know my exact birthday, it did not seem important and was not part of our culture - Mom recalls the "grand event" but not at what date. I chose a Pisces date cause everyone was asking my sign in the 70s - picking a date was easier than explaing why I did not have one - Dad (rip) was a well known historian to :)


Tim Gunter said...

In response, my sign is Leo and according to the Chinese zodiac, I am a dragon. I am ferocious!

Thanks for posting! :-)