Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It looks like I get to stay

It looks like I get to stay on first shift. Bismillah Wahumdulillah Rabbiealamin al-Annoor. This is all that matters right now.

Homecoming at UCA in Conway is this weekend, along with the tailgating and the football game. I may go to that. And tailgating seems to be a big tradition at football game, especially at any college football game. As more Americans are getting bigger and fatter, many people find that they love to eat. This overeating is what eventually took the life of one of the members of the rap group, The Fat Boyz, at a very young age. Foods that are haram are served at these games. I don't know, because it depends on the individual. Folks prepare their own cuisine of foods and people go and sample them out. Burgers and hot dogs are commonly served. Anyway, the weather now is quite cool and nice. Fall is finally here.

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