Monday, August 31, 2009

Parras de la Fuente

I do a lot of "facebooking" now, so I just jot down something I wrote on FaceBook.

"La alcoholecencia, la chupentud, y la bebejez se viven mejor en Parras."

In other words, all people of all ages who like to drink live better in a town known by its formal name as "Parras de la Fuente" in Mexico. It's the home of Francisco Madero, a Mexican revolutionary. I remember going there and I remember the chapel located on top of a hill, and I would have to walk up that hill to make it there.

This may be a late post as we close this month of August. RIP Sen. Edward Kennedy.
It is now time to get health care reform and it is time for Pres. Obama and Congress to get some "cojones" and get this job done!

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