Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It needs to be said again!

I said it in this blog and I will say it once more. Racism, wearing its ugly head, has NO place in religion. We are all of God's creation and we all come from the same mother and father, according to the Bible and according to the Qu'ran. If you follow this and believe it, there would be no getting around it. If you don't, than you must believe that all races of human beings must evolved from different tribes of monkeys. Nevertheless, I just did a Bible search on the word "race" and the word no way refers to a people or tribe or an ethnic group. It refers to track or a run, or better yet a marathon. This word is found in Psalm 19:5, Ecclesiastes 9:11, I Corinthians 9:24, and Hebrews 12:1. Right now, I will look up the word "race" in the Qu'ran. I know and I understand that translations are not at all reliable in Islam and only the Arabic is the source to rely upon in Islam. But, in this case, I'll make an exception in what was translated into English. This took me a while, because when I looked it up, I've found a lot of verses. But, it referred to "grace," as in Allah's or God's grace. Only four ayats or verses were found concerning "race" and it refers also to a run or a marathon.
These are Surah 5 (Al Ma'idah): 48, Surah 12(Yusuf):25, Surah 23 (Al Mu'uminun):61, and Surah 57 (Al Hadid):21. If "racism" is ever allowed in religion, it is about running a marathon to get to the prize, the finish line. Your reward in Heaven, where there is a garden where the rivers flow.
I am touching in this subject because there is a leader, a gentleman, who said something similar to what David Duke would say in a house of God if you will. He talked to his flock like a white man and said that "we are becoming a minority and that our 'white values' are slowly fading away." Hold on! Time Out! Since when did the Bible, for instance, come to represent "white" values. What in Hades are "white values"? A legitimate question can be asked if this was a black man expressing how "black values" are slowly fading away? What in Hades are "black values"? Who wrote the first five books of the Bible, known as Torah? Well, it was Moses? What color was he? Brown? Yellow? I never really seen a picture of Moses! In my father's copy of the Bible, there an art illustration of him. He was rather brown. It even has an art illustration of what Jesus might have look like. He was black! But, the values, if you're a believer, came from God. What does look like? Who really knows what He/She looks like. This gentleman, short in stature, apparently is afraid of the brown man and this does not fly in religion. It seethes into bigotry and this is how religious institutions drive good parishioners away. It's not so much he said it, but how his flock reacted to it where some of them started talking trash about other people. This, my friends, has No place in religion and it needs to be said again and again and again!

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