Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I don't own a GM vehicle.

The CEO of GM just got fired today. Pat Buchanan makes a crazy argument for why GM is in trouble and blames it on foreign competitors without considering this: we, the consumers prefer them over GM. I own a Hyundai. It is a Santa Fe. Back in 2003, I researched SUVs and tried to find the most fuel efficient SUV there is on the market. GM didn't have it. Ford didn't have it. Chrysler didn't have it. Toyota was getting away from fuel efficiency during the time and so was Nissan. What was it? It was Hyundai. I never bought a Hyundai before. My niece owned one, an older model, didn't like it, and sold it. But, the Hyundai Motor Company had improved since then. They had the most fuel efficient SUV during the time. It's small compared to other SUVs, but it's good for me. It's a V6 and I am able to get 30 MPG on the highway. What was the Lincoln Navigator getting during that time and probably still is with their latest models, about 13 MPG.
Lately, Ford is hearing the message. But what about GM? Maybe. But in previous years, GM's consumer base were demanding they make these gas hogs and as the price of oil skyrocketed with the price of benzine petrol, it caused selling of their new family stationwagons to drop fast and the dealers were at a stand-still wondering how they can get rid of these guzzlers. GM failed to respond to the threat from Big Oil that would eventually cause their downfall and failed to respond to it at the earliest moment. They knew that during the early part of this decade, the federal government was runned by oil profiteers and that to continue to make Hummers, GMC Yukons, and Ford making Lincoln Navigators was not something they should have done. They needed to make Hybrid versions of these models or make them smaller and quit making them and make new models.

This is why I own a Hyundai. This is a company making cars and SUVs that are fuel efficient, and their smallest car, the Accent, is advertised by a local Hyundai dealer as "the car that pays for itself."

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