Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I did notice something different about the Presidential News Conference

President Obama was asked by a reporter from Ebony Magazine about the growing number of homeless people around the country and he did express concern over them, especially homeless vets. From where I live, there has always a number of homeless and they live under a bridge near downtown. The Rude Pundit has photos are towns all across America with people living in tents, like Tent City near Sacramento. Feed the Children is a charity addressing the concern of hungry children across this country, especially those who don't have a home. The Old Media was not given much of a chance to ask the president a question. New Media I have never heard of before like "Stars and Stripes" were given an opportunity to ask. Others like Univisión, were given an opportunity and with a growing Latino population, more viewers watch this network more than any other time in television history.

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