Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Much Basketball

There's too much basketball and too many commercials to go along with it. CBS can't seem to let you watch the whole game and they leave the game you are watching for another one happening somewhere else. There were two good games played last night, W. Kentucky vs. Gonzaga and Duke vs. Texas. It was a heartbreak loss for W. Kentucky as Gonzaga just beat them by two points with so very little time left. In the Texas and Duke game, the Longhorns just fell apart at the last minute and Duke wins. Two good games, but I can't watch them at the same time. There probably needs to be a CBS-2 for all the other games or let ESPN carry some of them. Give the TV viewers some choices when it comes to the beginning of March Madness; it would help us out and cut down all the advertising, too. As the games get fewer and fewer, we will be able to watch whole ball games, but we will have to endure more repetitive advertising. Maybe it's time to turn the TV off.

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