Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who are the fans of Alan Colmes?

Alan Colmes is politically a liberal. He supports the president. He stands firm on many issues on the liberal side, although he works for Fox News. But, who are his fans? Hell if I know! He writes a column for the new Fox Nation, or in other words, Fix Nation, defending Pres. Obama. What does he get? A thrashing from respondents at him, making mad threats at him, telling him where he should go if didn't want to continue living in the good ol' USA. At his Liberaland blog, he gets thrashings as well. Last summer, his blog was invaded by the right-wing body snatchers. He makes a piece in his blog and 500 respondents are against him. My goodness, Alan Colmes is a Jesus Christ of our modern time. These body snatchers would like to nail him to the cross with a thorn on his head with a sign that says: "Hail, King of the Jews," written in Hebrew, English, and in Spanish. Who could have this kind of following in these times? Pat Buchanan contributes for MSNBC, but he don't have it near as bad. Alan Colmes has a talk radio show, but is aired on what we know as right-wing talk radio and it is a media known as Fox News Radio. Listeners get a big mantra of conservative opinion all day long and part of the night until Alan comes on, and the mantra wears off. He gets on and the listeners are angry, and get on there to call him names, and he tends to be a magnet for all of the weirdos that call in. He wonders," Why should I do this every night? I should go and kill myself!" But, these are his fans and if they weren't, they would turn him off. The radio consists of a knob where you can turn in off. They don't. He has web sites and blogs. They go to them, even though they could go to Freeper instead. But, they need their Alan. What else can they do? I suggest they subscribe to The Nation magazine or to Mother Jones. They could never get enough hate in their hearts. They live off the hate. They gotta have it. Just like the rock band, Cornershop, with one of their title albums, "Woman's gotta have it."

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Eric Lightborn said...

Here's one. Listening right now. Got my beefs with Alan like I do with any opinion show host.

He actually understands what radio broadcasting is for unlike the FOX conservatives so in my opinion it is worth listening to.