Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Much

Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem.

So Much on my mind, I don't know where to begin. The GOP is lost forever in my mind. I can never vote Republican for the rest of my life. They, in Congress, are vehemently opposed to the auto bailout of our 3 major auto manufacturers. They are willing to let them hit the tank, go bankrupt, thus, resulting of possibly laying off 3 million workers!!!! The Democrats and Obama cannot let this happen. It's a 25 billion dollar bailout and I know that this is coming from taxpayers, but it is part of that $700 billion package that Congress voted for anyway to bail out the banks and mortgage companies. C'mon! Let's save the American auto industry and keep workers their jobs. We are all hurting. I wish the refrigerator industry was offered a bailout. That would be great, so that workers who lost their jobs last week may all get to come back. is a wonderful web site to get hold of and to read to find out what is in on Pres.-elect Obama's agenda. I hope all of it gets implemented through; a plan to save this country from economic meltdown and to clean everything up to where this country can be respected again throughout the world. I want to live a country where people throughout the world love it and respect it and that, as a traveler, I have less to worry about. Too many Americans will go around the world saying they are Canadian if they go somewhere where Americans aren't that well-liked or respected. If they are light-completed, they say they are Canadian. If they are dark-completed, then it's Mexican. If they are black, well, Jamaican or Barbadian, or whatever else. Who knows? Just pick any nationality and lie, hoping you can enjoy your stay much more pleasantly.

I can't stand Al-Qaida, the phony Muslims. Al-Zawahiri, the Base's second man, calls Pres.-elect Obama 'a house nigger.' I read this on the AOL Latino page. Well, fuck you, too, Al-Zawahiri. I hope you and Bin Laden get blowned to Hell. Allah will not let you to Jannah, that beautiful garden where the rivers flow. I know that now. And where are these 72 beautiful virgins? I never read anything about that in the Qur'an. Al-Qaida, you are nothing but pieces of shit and shit is what you walk on. Oh, Obama doesn't compare to Malcolm X, huh? I know this. From what I read about Malcolm X and from watching Spike Lee's movie, Malcolm X converted to become a real Muslim before he was shot by phony Muslims of Elijah Muhammad's ilk. You, Al-Qaida, would fit in with that ilk that took away Malcolm X's life before he could do a lot of good to bring about peace and harmony for both blacks and whites in America through his new faith, Islam. Al-Qaida, you have done more to make more non-Muslims hate Muslims without really knowing any real Muslims personally and finding out that they are not like you phony Muslims who want to kill themselves so at the same time kill others around them while doing so. You have gotten the non-Muslims thinking that all Muslims, 1.5 billion of them around the world, are nothing more than dangerous suicide-homicide sado-masachist murderers. Nothing in the Qur'an and in the Hadiths I can find condone anything as insane, as vituperating, as toxic as that. Al-Qaida, if you even have souls at all. I am not even sure that Jesus Christ himself could forgive you to join the Christian family. He may have to ask God first. I am afraid the answer is no. So, it must be final for you. You are going to Hell and you have nothing left to live for except to make this dying world more of a dying world, working against what good there is in this world, making more people suffer including fellow Muslims who know what you are doing is not Islam!!! So, here is how I end it. Lord I hope Bin Laden is captured. To hell with him and his rich Wahhabi relatives in Saudi Arabia who follow a sect of Islam that destroys the human soul! To hell with Bush who in 2002 became disinterested in finding Bin Laden and instead bringing up war to Iraq. And, again, to Hell with Al-Qaida. And like the Rude Pundit, I don't give a rat's behind what readers think of this. But unlike him, you are free to comment away. I guess I will end it for now.

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