Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election finally over

I am pleased with the results of this presidential election. Barack Obama will be our 44th president of the United States. This is good for this country and it is good for the world.
I've spent my time putting it all in me at a watch party. There was jubilation, excitement,
astonishment, and this calls for a celebration. Democracy is back! I was excited and ecstatic.
I yelled so much that my throat is very sore from all the hollering I did at the bar. There are
no words to say about this event. I'd never thought I would see this day come in my lifetime on earth. I worked hard contacting callers in two states for three days. But, when the projections came with Obama passing the 270 mark, Montana and Missouri did not matter as much as they did. But, callers like myself worked very hard and it is obvious. These states were too close to call
for most of the night. I'm glad the election is finally over. For any of you reading this, please pray for Barack Obama and his family. Pray for their safety from these violent wing nuts possessed by the jinn and the shayatan. America is back! Democracy has returned with a man who is truly elected by the people and for the people and most importantly, is of the people.

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kid said...

Hey cuz ,I love U man.I hope this feeling will last longer than the Million Man March.