Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Priorities Not in the Right Place

First of all, Peace be unto you all who read my ramblings.

Now here is what I am writing about today. The economy is tumbling down and more layoffs are reported everywhere. I know people who are about to be laid off from their jobs, but the priorities are skewed. These folks are about to lose income and they spend time talking about their thrills visiting the nearest local casino. The last thing anyone should do is take their hard-earned money, their money they receive after taxes, and blow it on gambling, taking a risk of losing whatever is left in their bank accounts. Yes, Sen. McCain, lower income people do pay taxes! The priorities are all wrong. When the economy is down, the business industry that should go bankrupt first is the gambling industry. It should not booming as it is doing in Oklahoma.

That's all I have to say on the subject.

Next, I have sent another small donation to the Obama-Biden team and then, I've sent an e-mail to some dreadful Republicans, inviting them to join the campaign. I hope to hear from these prominent windbags soon. When I do, I am printing their email on my blog. I was prompted to do it, because the ghost of Joe McCarthy and some remnants of the John Birch Society has taken over the GOP and the most vile attacks have resulted from the McCain-Palin campaign. Pat Buchanan, as hard as he tried, could not give out the best defense for Palin over her ignorance of what the Vice-President actually does. Buchanan knows very well that the Vice-President only can make the deciding vote on a Senate bill when the Senate is split on a 50-50 tie. That's the only real power the VP has in the Senate. The VP is not the Senate boss. Buchanan tries to spend it around to defend Palin. They are desperate. Buchanan said that Colin Powell endorse Sen. Obama because of race. Wrong again. Buchanan was hoping that MSNBC viewers did not watch Meet The Press last Sunday morning. Colin Powell said that he told Obama that he would not vote for him because of race. He would vote for him because he would offer America "transformation in leadership," leadership this country needs. Race is definitely not a factor. Again, the Republicans are desperate and they are losing it.

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