Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaning to the right...

....will lead you to anarchy and chaos. If you tilt to the right politically more and more, you will have no government. When you have a nation with no central government whatsoever, you will have lawlessness, anarchy, riots, and chaos. Many citizens would have to seek political and economic asylum somewhere else where conditions are much more stable. When you lean far to the right, you don't have a limited, smaller government. Government ceases to exist and there goes Social Security and Medicare for seniors who have retired and are now too old to go back to work. There would be no jobs, no paved roads and highways, bridges would collapse. No funding for these projects people rely on. No funding for the military fighting over in Iraq and Afghanistan. No economic stimulus packages. No laws we need to obey to bring about some order. Gangs start to take over the streets and our lives, pushing us around. No funding for police officers to fight crime. Every man and woman fending for himself and herself with a rifle in their hands to fight off gangs, drug dealers, and crackheads and this won't just be happening in the inner cities. It will happen in the suburbs, exurbs, the small towns, and the rural areas. In other words, everywhere. This is what we would be faced with under no government. The rich will live in gated communites with a small authority protecting them as fiefdoms, otherwise known as homeowner associations; the only government there is left. If you lean right and vote for such McCarthyites like the McCain-Palin, you will have hell to pay and if you are not rich, life will be a lot more stressful. No jobs, no money, lawlessness, chaos, riots, thuggery everywhere, and many of us may have to flee to Canada or Mexico or fly overseas to get away from the incoming madness.

The Obama-Biden team will not make those kinds of auguments. This may be too extreme to make in reference to McCain-Palin.

But, McCain and Palin tries in their last attempt to paint Obama as a "socialist" or a "redistributionist." C'mon! We have a progressive income tax system and that's not going to change anytime soon. Joseph McCarthy's ghost lives inside the GOP and hoping the way polls are going, the GOP will not succeed.

I would rather have big government than to have no government. This may be the issue in this election if you think about it.

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