Monday, October 27, 2008

DLL errors again

The things that I have to go through to get my computer running normally has taken its toll.
I thank God that I have had used this computer for the last 8 years and I believe it's time for a new computer. But, I finally got it working again. To get my lost rundll32 executive file back, I ended up having to reinstall the Windows operating system. After that, I had to reinstall everything else to get it back to working normally again. I also parted my hard drive with SuSe Linux and I wish I can get Internet connection with it or I would do away with Windows totally.
Then, I had to reinstall my ethernet card and reestablish the Internet connection with AT&T.
It is not worth the time. I rather be relaxing, watching football, "Desperate Housewives," or whatever else than to mess with this machine. I think it's time, but I am holding on to my finances. I never know if I will have job in the following year or not. So, part of the weekend was totally occupied with this mess. What was our lives like without using these "conveniences?"
I believe we were all better off.

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