Saturday, January 5, 2008

It has been cold...

It has been cold, but today the weather is getting warmer and it is becoming nice and sunny. I have been keeping up with the elections, especially in Iowa. It is nice to see that someone finally beat Her Highness Hillary Clinton and that the voters came out for Obama and Edwards. If Obama wins New Hampshire, the man is pretty much on his way to winning the Democratic nomination.

As for the Republicans, I think they are done for. The Iowans elected Huckabee. I can think of more of a sorrier choice to lead that party, unless it is Romney or Paul. I don't believe Huckabee will win New Hampshire. That may go to Romney, since Massachusetts is close by. John McCain may have a chance in NH. We will see next Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton could go down like Howard Dean four years ago if she don't win New Hampshire. But I believe people have had enough of the same old status quo and they want change and this war in Iraq to end. This is the hope I have in the new year.

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