Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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The Jewish Yemeni can never be more right about the name of God. Elohim, Eloh, and Elah are Hebrew and Aramaic variations of the Arabic word, Allah for God. The word Allah is used in the Arabic Christian Bible. There is no way one can refute this as hard as anyone can try. The only criticism I have about this gentleman was his harshness toward some evangelical Christians who try to refute it with stuff that was taught to them by preachers without bothering to do some research. He mocks them, makes fun of their intellects, and calls them "idolaters." No, they are not idolaters. Some evangelical Christians understand that Allah is God Almighty. All they have to do is look at a Gideon Holy Bible and turn to the page that shows then the various translations of John 3:16 into many different languages. In the Arabic translation, I discover God is Allah. In Spanish, it's Dios. In Portuguese, it's Deus. And so on. I understand the gentleman was knocking those who think Allah is a "moon god." But, he was putting all evangelicals in a box who believes this and also those who sound and talk "Southern." That's not fair to those evangelicals who know the truth to be put in that box. Allah is God Almighty. I have known this for nearly all of the time I spent here on earth. Certain Christian leaders on shortwave radio and in some American pulpits tried to convince them or have convinced them Allah is false and that's because of this so-called "war on terror." They have led people astray when their congregation chose to accept this "teaching." It's unfortunate. To the Yemeni gentleman, I sorry you had to deal with those uneducated people, but there are some of us here in America who know that God is the same god in all three faiths, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Alhumdulillah Rabbiealamin.

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