Monday, March 15, 2010

Men and Women are Equal

I have been reading "God of the Oppressed" by James Cone. This little piece of prose is something the author heard from a preacher at an African-American church. Men and Women are equal.

"So God put Adam into a deep sleep
And took out a bone, ah hah!
And it is said that it was a rib.
Behold de rib!
A bone out of man's side.
He put de man to sleep and made wo-man,
And men and women been sleeping together ever since.
Behold de rib!
Brothers, if God
Had taken dat bone out of man's head
He would have meant for woman to rule, hah
If he had taken a bone out of his foot,
He would have meant us to dominize and rule,
He could have made her out of back-bone
And then she would have been behind us.
But, no, God Almighty, he took de bone out of his side
So dat places de woman beside us;
Hah! God knowed his own mind.
Behold de rib!"

From God of the Oppressed by James Cone, p. 54.

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