Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Driver's Ten Commandments

1. The good driver keepeth his car in safe condition.

2. He driveth only when sober, and never to great weariness.

3. His mind doth not wander, for safe driving keepeth a man busy.

4. He keepeth always to the speed which giveth perfect control.

5. He passeth intersections and grade crossings with care.

6. To children and pedestrians he giveth thought for over them he hath the power of life and death.

7. He obeyeth the law of the land, knowing obedience may increase his years.

8. Though his soul be tired, the good driver remembereth that courtesy is the first law of self-preservation.

9. For the hazards of driving at night, he maketh allowance.

10. When he goeth on foot, the good driver remembereth the Golden Rule.

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