Monday, January 25, 2010

Radio Stations Online

Air America has bit the dust, but from the Liberaland web site and from visiting a liberal blog, there are three stations to choose from. One is Green 960, WWRL 1600, and Portland, Oregon's 620 KPOJ. These stations beats listening to my local station, KWHN 1320. It is too conservative. The Fox Affiliate in Fort Smith, KFPW, is also conservative, but they do air the Alan Colmes Show. It is the oldest station in town, and despite of the fact it airs the Fox Talk Show, they will all be pre-empted by a sporting event, such as high school football, high school basketball, OU football and basketball, etc. I am thankful for the internet. Without it, I can't find good radio anywhere. Shortwave radio is not what it used to be. More stations like that use the internet because it is far cheaper to do so. There are so many AM stations coming in at night, that sometimes I cannot find a clear signal. I remember picking up the BBC on my world band radio. It is not possible today, but they are on the internet and XM/Sirius.

I almost forgot to mention this. I have been listening to a great deal of black talk radio. This is from WAOK Atlanta. Liberal opinion is often expressed, but it is not expressed so much by its callers, and sometimes not from the talk show hosts.

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