Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brit Hume to Tiger: "You Need Jesus!"

Brit Hume from Fox News send a rather evangelical message to Tiger Woods on a secular news program that Tiger should renounce Buddhism and convert to Christianity because in his view, "Christianity offers forgiveness while Buddhism doesn't." From that piece of information, I do not know what religion Tiger practices. From his wreck, his wife wanting to beat him with a golf club, from the media's revelation of his encounters with women from around the world as a married man, I imagine he doesn't follow many religious teachings of any kind. Buddhism teaches followers to stay away from illicit sexual desires and practices. To reach Nirvana, you deny and do away with material things and loose living. I wonder why he married that Swedish woman. He can't find an African-American woman to marry, especially one who is single and makes high income, living in places like Atlanta? Also, as we are observing the downfall of Tiger Woods, advertisers are dropping him like flies. Yeah right, like as if these executives of these companies live a much higher standard than Tiger Woods!
What makes Brit Hume an authority on religion, especially Buddhism? He is no more of an authority of it than Harun Yahya. He thinks that the teaching of Sidhartha Gautama tells Tiger to cheat on his wife, make all you can and not share it with anyone, live loose and fancy free, and have all the women there are? Absolutely not! How does Mr. Hume know what religion Tiger Woods follows? Maybe he is like the late Isaac Hayes and Tom Cruise of the living, who follow that joke called Scientology. If Tiger decided to become a Christian, God will forgive him, but what he did won't go away. But, the advertisers and the media who are dragging him down certainly hold lower standards than Tiger ever could. It's the same media that keeps airing Dick Cheney trashing Pres. Obama everywhere he goes and the media can't get enough of it, while we, the people, have had enough! And Brit Hume is too dry to make a personal remark similar what D. L. Hughley would say if somebody was not acting right. Mr. Hughley would just say to them: "You need Jesus!" This piece of advice is followed with laughter, appearing less judgmental. But, Brit Hume was serious, sounding like Pat Robertson!

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