Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I decided

I decided to use a fake name to hide my real name and identity. This will give me the freedom to express myself more without worrying about getting verbally and physically attacked in real life. This will also allow me to write more freely about religion or any religion without worrying about being killed by the local inquisition. I can express things in the political field the way I always have, but now I can have more to say. I will always post more videos from YouTube just like I have before, but I won't worry about people asking me why I am doing it. Like, "why do you post so many Islamic videos?" Or, "why do you post so many videos from al_Jazeera? What comes next after that is this, "Are you a Muslim terrorist?" The answer to the last question is an astounding "NO!" I do these things to make this plead for those who are Muslim and who are defending their faith that Islam no way represents terrorism and that is a religion based on the unity of God, and that it differs in many ways in comparison to Christianity, which I have proved in past posts. Politically I am liberal is a classical sense, meaning I defend freedom from tyranny.


kid said...

Hey man that's messed up. First it was courageous that you used a name.I used a pseudonym and I worry sometimes.I will visit more you showed me love,so take it easy.

Tim Gunter said...

Don't worry. I changed my mind and I am still using it.