Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anti-Obama Graffiti

One case of anti-Obama graffiti is that despicable cartoon published in the New York Post.
Another is this one I have just seen at work today using that stinky restroom we have upstairs.
I quote and please, excuse the grammar, "Obama is not black or white. He is Muslim Anti-God."
This is a quote coming from someone who can't write very well and who has the intention to write some garbage on private property about what he thinks of the new president. It might as well have said that "Obama's the devil." Some people would agree with that, some wouldn't, but it would be a message attacking just Pres. Obama. No, he had to go there to attack others wrongfully and then associate them with the new president and the new president is not a Muslim and he is not against God, and furthermore Muslims who are against God are against themselves, for a Muslim to be against God goes against the meaning of the word "Muslim," an Arabic word meaning "one who is submitted to God and His Will." This worker should be fired if he can be caught writing this anywhere else. He is inciting a riot within the workplace. He is inciting people around to go attack Obama supporters, atheists, and Muslims and the latter two mentioned don't necessarily care that much for the new president. We live in a dangerous time. The last thing this country needs is for the president to be assassinated and that has been my biggest concern since the election. You got the Joe the Plumbers, the Rick Santinis, the Don Wildmons, the Alan Keyes dudes, etc. who have the ability to incite anger within gullible hearts. With all the world's economic troubles, we do not need an insurrection to occur in this country against the president. There's a gal who post messages in a Yahoo Groups I won't name, who post conspiratorial garbage, and though she does not believe Obama's the anti-Christ, she puts him in a position of something like that because of his current popularity. And that's something that can die away from him real quick. She must live in a part of the country where the new president is very popular and well-liked. I, on the other hand, live where Obama is hated, disliked, disrespected, and where only the black community is the one community that supports him wholeheartedly. These Obama haters kill me when they determine what his blood-line is. I understand that he is half white and half black, such as African, Bantu, and his father was a member of the Luo tribe in Kenya. These Obama haters go around and say he is half white, 44% Arab, and 6% black. This means they are full of shit and with this garbage, they are hoping to incite again hatred against him, Arabs, Muslims, Middle Easterners, South Asians, et al. Another idiot on a blog I've read said that Obama's real name is Larry Soetoro, claiming he is his sister's real brother. Well, that would make him half-Indonesian or half-Asian like his sister. If he had that name, why would he go through the trouble of a name like Barack Hussein Obama, his daddy's name? These haters are full of it and I hope they are tracked by the FBI. They are dangerous. Also, nuts like Alan Keyes, are still questioning Pres. Obama's birth. Well, let's settle it once and for all. He was born in Hawaii. Hawaii is the 50th state of the union. That's make him an American just like someone I know, Bea. To question his birth had got to be the ultimate insult to all Hawaiians regardless of race. I pray for the safety of our president and his family.



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