Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lakota Freedom

A people, a tribe of people, are voicing their sovereignty and are breaking away from the United States by claiming their independence from the United States as a brand, new nation. Lakota Freedom is the web site that gives out this information.

It has documents that you can read and download explaining why they prefer to live in freedom from the U.S. than to live under policies that just don't work. I'll called up the Alan Colmes Show
and told him about it. I said I heard this news story from an international shortwave station. I didn't mention what station it was. Where I got this from was from listening to an English language news broadcast of Radio Havana Cuba. Alan thought I was crazy. Luckily I called in on his First Word segment, so I didn't have to tell the listeners who I am and where I am from. He asked in angry voice, "Why are you calling me about this? Do you care about this issue?" I said, "Not really." Then he said, "Why are bothering me then if you don't care about it?" I said, "I guess I do care about it after all." Then he said, "Why does this issue bother you?" I answered, "I imagine if the Lakota Sioux breaks away, many other people will want to." Then he said,"Thank you for calling!" What? No Merry Christmas? He thought I was crazy. Apparently, Fox news
did not report it. Oh, they knew about it. But, they did not report it. I had to get my news from Cuba!

Today, I searched the internet with the words "Lakota Freedom" and I've found the web site and yes, it is true. They are breaking away from the U.S. I don't know how successful they will be in establishing their independence. But, they are breaking away and they are serious. They are willing to renounce their American citizenship and cut up their driver's licenses. It's bound to make top headlines soon. This will be another embarrassment to the Bush administration. Russell Means, the head of this movement, now considers the U.S. "an outlaw nation."

But the rest of us who are not Sioux would tell them, "You don't have to stay in the reservation. You can always leave. Move to the city. Get an education and get a job. Live somewhere else." That is something they have heard all of their lives.

Let's just see what comes out of this.

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