Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Dentist's Office

Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem Alhumdilillah Rabbiealamin

I write this and dedicates this to God Almighty. La ilaha illa Allah muhammedun rasulullah

I am thankful to God that I still have teeth. It's very important to have for eating, chewing, and talking. Many of us forget to thank God for this and it is Him from where we get these pearly whites. Some of us neglect to take proper care of them and I vow to take better care of them from on and visit the dentist when the time comes to make my appointment. I had to get a crown for one of my bottom teeth yesterday. I never thought there was a problem with that tooth. I felt no pain, but the doctor noticed a crack. So, not only did I have to have a filling. I had to have a crown where he cemented the tooth. Something had to be done. I did not want to lose it, resulting in possible cosmetic surgery. We have no universal health care in the U.S., not even for dental needs. If we don't ever get universal health at all, why not universal dental care. If something seriously had to be done to save your tooth, it will cost a bundle of money. It is better to have dental insurance. I'm glad my insurance covered some of the bill, but I had to pay $473 to get a crown. Do any of you in Great Britain, France, Canada, or Norway run into this problem? Do you get to walk out of the dentist's office with a crown without worrying how much it's going to cost? We do in America even with dentists. And I have to admit, God forgive me, I was upset. My reaction was restrained visiting the dentist. To me, it's like being in somebody else's home and that I am a guest. I try to be as pleasant as I can be. But, once I left him and drove away toward home. I was upset. So upset, there was no place I should go but go home. It wasn't so much I has to get a crown. This appointment was for getting a filling and that's all, originally. But, the dentist had to dig in and find something else wrong. A crack in the tooth. And I had to spend an extra hour in that office as he and his dental hygiene assistant places a crown in my cracked tooth. I feel like I have been had! Like I said, there was no pain in that tooth or in any of my teeth. But, I remember that he did apologize for this inconvenience. So, I guess it was something that needed to be done. Merry Christmas!! Without needing a crown, my insurance would have paid the bill.

In America, the rich finds a way to steal from the poor. The haves find a way to steal from the have-nots. If they are not doing it, the government is! That's all I have got to say.

"O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allh is well-acquainted with all that ye do." An-Nisa (The Women) 4:135.