Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why do parents let their young daughters dress like that?

I know it's summer and we are all trying to stay cool. But, I have an issue like as if I don't have already. Why do these parents let their daughters dress in a way that cause middle-aged men like me to look at them? I saw a girl, with her parents and her brother (maybe her boyfriend) walk into a Mexican restaurant here in town wearing short denim jeans. She might as well be wearing denim panties, because they were so short with her legs bare all the way up to her butt. She wore this with a tank-top. This is where all of my religious training takes place in my mind and I am like a Muslim on this issue. Why can't these parents get her attention and tell her to cover up? If they don't want teenage wolves lurking around their property or have middle-aged men look at them for no reason except how she is dressed, they can do the decent thing which would be a favor to us all and get her to wear more appropriate attire if she is going to be eating out at a restaurant with her folks!
This is not about women's rights! It is about parents not taking any responsibility with their children when it comes to the clothes they choose to wear that is inappropriate. Teach your daughters to respect themselves and then they will respect you. Don't have them going around town dressed like whores! Please!!

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