Sunday, November 29, 2009

How Right-wingers Want To Tie Hasan to Obama

To this day, right-wingers and some of those in the Republican base still insist to this day that Pres. Obama is a Muslim and since they have given up linking Ayers to Obama, they want to link the terrorist acts of a sick Army psychiatrist to the President. For many of us who have more common sense than that and who may not be as liberal as Arianna Huffington, we know this argument won't fly and that this dog won't hunt. Some guest writer writes a long article on Hasan being a "good Muslim" found in the Sunday edition of the Times Record and nothing is said about Pres. Obama. It is his thoughts about Islam and what many Muslim believe, and that most Muslims are practicing Muslims culturally, and that Hasan was only following what the Qu'ran says, without any mention that many Muslims also follow the Sunna. But somehow, they place the President into this article and nothing was written in it about him. Do you know why he was not mentioned, Mr. Right-Winger? Because Pres. Obama is NOT a Muslim. His father, the man that left him and his mom when he was 2, was, but reverted to atheism. His father is Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.! If anyone wants to make an argument that Obama's a Muslim, it is not the President who is. It's his father. Right-wingers are now complaining that we have terrible leadership in this country. Why we're they not making the same argument back when Bush was president, except for a few Birchers and Alex Jones? I guess it's because we have a man with a funny name and a man of color in the White House. This puts the nail in the coffin. Can't afford health care reform? We can't afford these two wars to continue! And wars are sacrifices that have to be made. Hasan did not want to deployed and he did these heinous acts. Who is asking that we send up to 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan? The military advisers and Pres. Obama. Would he be requesting this if he were a Muslim? Absolutely not.

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