Thursday, November 26, 2009

George W. Bush and Socialism

Nothing personal. I am only writing this to piss off my relatives.

During his years in office, George W. Bush wanted to turn America into a Stalinist-type, theocratic, socialist state. He wanted this country to be like Kim Jong-il's North Korea. As a citizen in this theocratic, socialist, he wanted the people to either join the military, fight for "God" and "country" invading a poor, sovereign country or stay home and starve to death. Isn't that what they do in North Korea, except invade another country. Of course, in their case, set off a nuclear rocket against us or Japan only to find that the rocket backfires and lands somewhere in the Sea of Japan. In George W. Bush's America, either fight for God or him as God, or starve since public assistance would have never existed in his and the teabaggers' America.
These right-wingers are the real socialists; only they are Stalinists with a "God" mentality.

What do I remember about those years? It was about living in a constant, catastrophic mess and if it's not one thing happening, it was another. The enemy of this country were the friends of the Bush family and they were the bin Ladens and the House of Saud. After I got home from Thanksgiving dinner, I saw the movie "Fahreinheit 911" again. I have the DVD. The two wars we still have now are from Bush and here we are talking about sending more troops to Afghanistan. It is a mistake!

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