Saturday, June 21, 2008

Death can approach us unaware

Death can approach us unaware, before we know it. I can go to bed at night and die the next morning. I can get into my car and end up in an accident and die. I can leave work at the end of the work day and not cme back the next day because I died. Three people have died at my job.
One of them was taken by an ambulance, but died of a heart attck before he got to the hospital.
Another was on medical leave, but died. Another was fired from his job last week, but died of a heart attack this week before any word that he would ever get his job back. Death can come at you before you know it. It's important to take better care of ourselves. Exercise, eat right, and we must, and this is something I need to do, have a medical check-up.

I want you to know. I am devastated by the events from yesterday. I work for a big company and in that company, three people have died in one day! I knew two of them, Danny and Nancy. I was floored when I heard the news. I work the swing shift and I didn't know anything about this until I entered the doors.

We don't know how long we will live on this earth and the time here is just temporary. The hereafter is eternal. We must prepare for that day when it comes.

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