Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facts on Religion and Public Schools

Public School Students have the right to:

Pray in schools if it's their own decision and they're not disrupting class.
Read the Bible and other religious books during their free time.
Join voluntary religious clubs in secondary schools that meet during non-instructional time (as long as other non-curriculum related clubs are meeting).
Take classes about religion as an academic subject, as long as the approach is objective and non-dogmatic.
Talk about religion with their friends, as long as they do not engage in harassment.

Public Schools may not:

Compel, require or pressure students to take part in prayer, scripture reading or other form of worship.
Sponsor religious events or speakers who proselytize.
Include official prayers in school events, such as graduation or football games.
Teach creationism in science class.
Permit teachers to preach in class.

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