Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mount Magazine

This week, there was a snow storm. There was a great deal of snow on the ground. Then, it melted real fast because the temperature was above freezing and sky was clear. It became sunny. Yesterday, I paid a visit to Mount Magazine. While all of the snow was gone in the valley, Mount Magazine and the higher elevations nearby still has snow. It was pretty. It almost gave it a sense of me being some place else. It was almost like I was in Colorado, but I wasn't. This is in Arkansas. The snow made this place more like I was far away from home, or seem like I was. But, I wasn't. I was only 50 miles away from home. It was a nice drive for one day through Paris, then to the mountain, then down to Havana, and back through Booneville, Greenwood, and back home in Fort Smith.

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