Saturday, September 1, 2007

Criticism of White People

Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem Alhumdulillah Rabbiealamin

Greeting again to you all. I am writing somewhat a controversial topic. No, I do not hate anyone in regards to race, nationality, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. Or do I have self-hate about who I am and what I cannot change. I am white and male and was born in Arkansas and of a Protestant background. Racially I am technically a Caucasian and that is how I describe myself. I have some Native-American blood in me but not enough to classify that I am or enough to matter.

I am concerned and a little frightened by the hate expressed by certain white individuals towards immigrants especially "illegal immigrants." I prefer the term "undocumented workers." I afraid the terms "illegal immigrants" and "illegal aliens" are code words for "Mexicans" and "Latin Americans" and it is filled with hate and malice towards people who are perceived to be different. The hate aimed at them replaced the hate that was aimed at African-Americans that I've experienced during the 1970s and the 1980s growing up in the South expressed by certain other white individuals. And somehow, as a white guy, I am suppose to sympathize with this hate, which I do not and I find that it is very unfair to me. These individuals will try to put me in their soapbox and make me spill out the venom, the venom that's coming out of their mouths. At times, I think white people are the most corrupt people on earth as expressed by some black and Hispanic comedians that you may see appear on TV networks like BET and SíTV. They are morally bankrupt. They tend to mix their religion with politics concocting a dangerous chemical that threatens to destroy freedom, democracy, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am afraid other races of people are going along with this. I fear for my nation and I fear for the world I live in, a world made for pleasure for sinners and the unbelievers while so many are dying from starvation.

Mexico today is only half the size than it was before white Americans settle into Texas. In two different war, the Battle for Texas Independence (1836) and the Mexico- U.S. war (1848), land was taken away from Mexico which now is the American Southwest and the people native to the region found themselves in a brand, new country, but they never left their homes. They didn't crossed the border, the border crossed them. This is the reason I cannot go along with the anti-immigrant hate and this hate is not aimed at Asians, Russians, Irish, or Canadians. No, it is aimed at Mexicans and they want law enforcement to arrest anybody who is brown. This is the kind of calls Alan Colmes receives every night on his radio show. They sound like they belong to the KKK or the National Alliance. But, I am afraid they are part of the conservative Republican crowd. It is all the GOP has left: the trash-talking, morally bankrupt, racist, fascist crowd. The immigration issue has completely voided the GOP any kind of Hispanic-voting base there is. Cuban-Americans are leaving it. If you are Hispanic, you're proud. If you are black, you're beautiful. but, if you're white, you are corrupt. That's the bottom line. And we working stiffs are getting screwed.

Also, there is a fear of Muslims; a fear of anybody who may look or dress like a Muslim, a fear of a woman wearing a hijab or a jilbab, and a fear of men wearing long beards. They see them and they fear terrorists. This is expressed by people of all spectrums, not just whites. I don't know what to make of that, but if I ever convert to Islam, I will be ostracized by family, friends, people at work as a possibility, and where I live, it is not a great place to live as a Muslim. Recently, the City of Fort Smith decided to allow the Masjid Annoor to build an Islamic School. It will be a small school with a dozen students. The reason they turned it down before was the concern of overcrowding at this school if the school experiences growth. Officials at the mosque promises they will build the school some place else away from the mosque. So, we will see what happens. The fear seems to be leveling off.

That's my soapbox for now. I can't wait to receive hate mail.

"Shout for joy ye righteous in Yahvah, to the upright seemly is praise." Psalm 33:1 -Restoration of Sacred Name Bible


Azooz said...

alsalaam alaykom

Your are already a Muslim as far as I am concerned - I found your blog by searching for Islamic words and hope to not offend. My English was much better a few years ago but got rusty.

I read a lot of Islamic sites and to even it off I read also many anti-Islamic sites where I noticed to that they do not like Mexicans either. I was studying in the States in the 80s Islamophobia was much milder back then but growing noticebly. My ex-wife (Saudi) wore the hijab and it was no trouble for her back then unless we left the University places - Illinois had strong small KKK towns in my time but the hijab was considered strange but harmless.

I also noticed back in the early 80s was about how the anti-Islamic media was actually increasing the number of new Muslims in America of all ages and backgrounds - and it has increased greatly in a short time. It is to do with the vast propaganda attack and the hate, tieing the word "Islam" with so many negative words does increase hatred towards anything Islamic but it also increases the number of new Muslims - makes it worth it in my opinion.

The GOP is little different the Democratic party in regards to the matter of Islam, they both speek of Islam negativley but they also speek of Islam a lot - free advertising.

>>if you're white, you are corrupt.
Bill O'Rilly called it "the White Christian Male power structure" I re-worded that phrase in Arabic and use it against vain "Brown Muslim Saudi Males" - works like a charm to calm them down for we have problems with bigotery and raceism to. It is not as bad here for we are very mindfull of it and are to fight it hard else it leads straight to hell in our book.

Many peoples in South America are turning to Islam these days to, I think it is becuase the same people who hate Islam also attack Mexicans and other Latino people thus makeing them more aware of Islam itself. The Democratic party does not have a good history their either and it is very slow in changing it's ways - but the GOP can not change it's ways till they have a major rethink, takes time. Our government is the most corrupt so we like seeing America fix it's house for we can not fix our own - yet.

The internet has changed people dramaticaly the last decade and blogs have changed us even more - I am still uncomforatable writing on my own blog, part of why I wrote here on yours I think - but for politicians world wide it is a disaster for they never had such close contact with their voters and they no longer have the media to protect and cover for them. All just half thought ideas, but I think they are semi-solid and read them often enough.

>>if I ever convert to Islam, I will be ostracized
The media attacks against Islam got you to this point of understanding Islam that is enough for me, and many others are at the same point to. I used to run an Islamic forum years ago and I saw lots of bad stories and lots of nice ones to. I often wish the attacks against Islam would stop, but always nice to see new Muslims as an end result, and also more understanding none-Muslims to. I do not feel too bad about those people who call and complain about the immagrants for some of those callers will become Muslim to - they get sick of their own hate I think.

Glad I got here before you go any hate letters, maight divert some of them my way to :)


Tim Gunter said...

Alaykum Alsalaam

Thank you for the kind response. I recently have seen a video on YouTube where there were people from a Palestinian village standing up to the Israeli army to defend their land and their orchard against them from making their land into a sewerage for an illegal Jewish settlement. It was sad to see that video and to see their land demolished and their trees uprooted from the ground. And we Americans are suppose to support the actions of the Israeli government? I don't. To this day, there is someone I know who lives 90 miles from where I live who thinks I'm an anti-semite because I don't offer support for the Israeli government when it comes to the Palestinians. But, what the Israeli government is doing is wrong. This guy I know thinks of the Jews as God's Chosen People and that is what most evangelical Christians believe. But, I find nothing that the Israeli government has been doing lately as God-like.

In response to your letter, in my lifetime, I find that there are many kind and generous people who are Middle-Eastern and Muslim, and there are many kind and generous people are Mexican or Latin American. I find that the media here in this country such as Fox News for example has done a job demonizing and dehumanizing a lot of good people and many Americans have become dumb enough to go along with it. It is also interesting to see Latinos take an interest in Islam. Nominally, most of them are Roman Catholic believing in so many "deities." I grew up not believing in them and that was how I was raised.